Richard Kirby’s 12 Phytoplankton of Christmas

Okay, so the holidays are over, but I couldn’t pass up posting these gorgeou phytoplankton pictures. Dr Richard Kirby is the bestselling author of “Ocean Drifters”, which features a gorgeous photographic collection of phytoplankton and small marine invertebrates.

Struck by the number of tiny creatures that have a festive appearance, Dr. Kirby has selected 12 representatives as his favorite holiday dozen. I’m just showing a few of my favorites here…

Xmas Tree (Paddle Worm)Santa's Hat (Sea Anenome Larva)
Christmas Candle (Starfish Larvae)



Three Wise Men (Spidercrab Larvae)


I don’t have the book yet, but I imagine it would make a great gift for any nature appreciator.

Images courtesy of


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